WordPress Search Google search power for WordPress related queries

Say hello to WordPress Search: a custom Google search engine for all your WordPress related questions. You can use it to search the web. Valuable resources get emphasized and you can filter results per label.

Why WordPress Search?

WordPress Search - Google Custom Search for all WordPress related queriesOne big advantage of using the world’s number one CMS is that it is very likely that any question you may have about the software, a theme, or a plugin, has been answered already.

There is a ton of information in the WordPress Codex and in the WordPress support forums. And there are plenty of great WordPress tutorials, tips and tricks spread all over the world wide web.

Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search allows to create a Google powered search engine for websites. Besides being slightly better than the built in WordPress search, if you have multiple websites it can be useful to allow visitors to search all of these at the same time. Moreover there is the option to search the entire web and to emphasize particular websites.

That is the feature used for our WordPress Search Engine. A couple great resources have been added and we added some labels too. These allow you to look for answers at WordPress.org, to filter tutorials, or code, or to get only search results from ECO13.

Lastly, we added ‘WordPress’ as a keyword. So, you do not need to tell the engine that you are looking for information related to WordPress. It assumes that you are.

Google ads

Finally, since Google shows ads, when using the custom search engine ECO13 may get a small commission. We do not really expect much from this, yet in case it turns out to be significant, this will be used to push the price for ECO13.me sites down the hill.

How to use WordPress Search?

Obviously, you first need to insert your search query and hit enter, or click on the green search button.

Wordpress Search - 01. insert your query and hit the search button

filter search results

In the search results you currently have two tabs: one with regular search result and one with images. Below it you can find labels by which you can filter the search results:

  • The first, with all results, are similar to a regular Google search. The difference is that websites that we added to the engine get priority over others.
  • In the other tabs you only see results from the websites with that label.
    • Click on ‘wordpress.org‘ to get only search results from WordPress.org.
    • Click on ‘tutorials‘ to only get search results from (sections of) websites with tutorials.
    • Click on ‘code‘ to get search results from websites where the authors love to dig in the source.
    • Or click on ‘ECO13‘ if you want to know if we wrote something on the subject.
  • Click on the title to visit the web page that matches your search query. It will open in a new window.
  • And to close the search results you can click outside of the frame, or on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner.

Wordpress Search - 02. Search results and search filters


What sites get emphasized?

That is hard to tell. Currently only 74 sites were added, but occasionally we also include sites to which those sites refer. It is a work in progress though. The goal is to add all (more or less) trusted resources on both WordPress and on anything related to WordPress, f.ex. code.

Also all documentation about themes and plugins that you can find at ECO13.me will be included, most likely with a separate label. Once that is done, we’ll add a related topic on the subject in the question corner and you will be able to suggest new sources.

In fact, you already can. Feel free to use the comment form below for all suggestions and questions you may have.

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