Backyard perils Intro to the WordPress administration @ #tutorial

WordPress calls it the administration. as if it were somewhere between boring and disease. At we rather think of it as a sunny backyard. After all, it is where we grow our site, friends are welcome and privacy is appreciated. docs - tutorial: WordPress administration - 00. meet your backyard - an introductionYou arrive at the backyard upon login. It is where you can edit your profile and create a site.

Once finished, you catch a glimpse of your own site’s backyard when you explore the toolbar, which is one of the many elements of ‘wp-admin’ or ‘WordPress administration: a terrible word for something that powerful, creative, flexible and fun.

Let’s take a look!

When you are logged in and on your site’s front end, f.ex. on the homepage, you can click on its name in the toolbar to enter your garden. The first destination is the dashboard. docs - tutorial: WordPress administration - 01. find the dashboard

Dashboardmodular view on site status and activity

The WordPress Dashboard is much like an observation post. It tends to give an overview of what is going on on a site. Stats and activity get published in modules. You can drag and drop, to rearrange them. On new sites, only two modules are active. You can add more with plugins. F.ex. you could add your Google Analytics stats. docs - tutorial: WordPress administration - 02. dashboard modules

01. admin notice

When you are the admin of a newly created website, you will find a notice on top with a request to upgrade. Obviously, you can click it to take a look at the upgrade screen, but is in a beta phase and testing is free. You do not need to upgrade.

If you would like to try premium themes and plugins, you are more than welcome to request access.

02. screen options docs - tutorial: WordPress administration - 03. screen options menu

Clicking on the ‘Screen Options’ tab opens the ‘Show on screen’ menu, where you can select or deselect the options to show or hide dashboard modules.

03. help menu docs - tutorial: WordPress administration - 04. quick help menu

Next to the screen options you can find general information about the features on the current screen. The tab is available on most screens, however, this is a standard WordPress feature and the information does not take our backyard reconstructions into account.

04. module: at a glance docs - tutorial: WordPress administration - 05. module: at a glanceThe ‘At a Glance‘ module shows a summary of the publications on your site. It displays the WordPress version, which theme you are using and your site’s privacy settings.

Search Engines Discouraged‘ is the setting for new sites. Once you start publishing, assuming public content, you should click the link and change the setting to ‘Allow search engines to index this site‘.

05. module: activity docs - tutorial: WordPress administration - 06. module activityIn the activity module you find a summary of recent blog posts, comments and an overview of the total number of comments and how they were (or were not yet) treated (6).

Note: most spam gets tackled before it reaches your site, in which case it should not end up in your spam. If you would receive a lot of spam nonetheless, there might be a hole in our fence, so it would be helpful to know.

Backyard menuaction menu

On the left side of the screen is the main navigation menu detailing each of the administrative functions you can perform. At the bottom of that section is a Collapse menu button that shrinks the menu into a set of icons.

– Administration Screens @ WordPress Codex docs - tutorial: WordPress administration menu - 00. backyard menu

[to be continued]

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