Login to the backyard Tutorial: register & login @ ECO13.me

First things first. To create a new ECO13.me website, you need an account. Registration happens in one breath, with only a few clicks, on a few buttons.

ECO13.me - Registration & login - swift, easy and secureThe registration and login process is very easy: there is no need to fill a form, or to remember your username and password. You can login simply, quickly and securely through one of the available networks.

In case you would happen to experience login issues, or if you do not wish to use a third party service to log in, surely let us know in a comment below or through the form on the contact page. All feedback is appreciated!


Registration and login happens in the same swift way through one of the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • WordPress.com
  • Yahoo!
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • GitHub
  • Dribble

hover over the paw print

Moving your cursor over the paw print icon in the lower right corner of the screen, the social login menu will appear.

ECO13.me docs - tutorial: login and registration - 01. hover over the paw print icon

choose wise

Obviously the next step is to click on the logo of your favourite network to start the registration procedure. There are, however at least two considerations you can make.

1. Make it easy

It makes life easier when you pick a network where you are logged in most of the time. You then can login at ECO13.me with just one click.

2. make it secure

To increase security, besides an ultra strong password, you can pick a network where you enabled two-factor authentication. This adds a solid layer of security to your account. Once enabled, you receive a verification code through sms, email or a mobile app, each time someone tries to login to your account from a different browser, or when you deleted the cookies in your browser. When you log in, you can confirm. Else you know it is time to change your password(s).

At the time you can enable two-factor authentication at Facebook, Google, Twitter, WordPress.com, Yahoo, Linkedin, Tumblr and Github.

ECO13.me docs - tutorial: login and registration - 02. select your network

For this tutorial we will continue with Google. The procedure with other providers is very similar.

if asked: login

If you did not login on the network before, you will be asked to do so.

ECO13.me docs - tutorial: login and registration - 03. if asked: login

verify shared info

The first time that you connect, you will be asked to share basic account information, like your name and email. This information may be different, depending on the provider. We only store your name and email. This can be found and changed in your profile.

Twitter & Tumblr do not provide your email address, in which case you will be asked to provide it yourself.


Click the “Accept” or “OK” button to finish the registration process.

Note that by doing so (and by visiting this website) you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In short it says we disclaim all warranties and we respect your privacy. Since we make use of 3rd party services we also inform you about browser apps like Privacy Badger and Ghostery which you can use to take privacy into your own hands.

ECO13.me docs - tutorial: login and registration - 04. confirm registration

It will take a few seconds to process the registration.

ECO13.me docs - tutorial: login and registration - 05. processing, please wait...

You’re in!

When successful you will be redirected to the ECO13.me backyard and you find yourself on the dashboard.
Welcome on board!

EECO13.me docs - tutorial: login and registration - 06. Welcome to the backyard!


Obviously, when you find your way in, you may want to find the way out. The logout link can be found in the hoover menu in the upper right corner, below your screen name and avatar.

ECO13.me docs - tutorial: logout - 01. Logout from WordPress Administration

automatic logout

For security reasons you will be logged out automatically after 48 hours, unless you have checked the ‘Remember Me’ box on the login screen. This will keep you logged in for 2 weeks, or until you delete the cookies in your browser.

logout from all sessions

When you logged in from somewhere else, for example a public computer, a friends computer, or through a phone you happened to lose, and you did not log out, you can do so from within your profile. To do so:

ECO13.me docs - tutorial: logout - 02. WordPress profile- - account management - logout from all sessions


ECO13.me docs - login and registration - remember me & recover passwordTo login again, you can follow the registration process. Using the same network you should get redirected to the backyard after step 2.

switch provider

In case you wish to connect with a different provider, make sure that your email address is the same on both accounts, or that you have changed your email in your ECO13.me profile. Else you will create a new account.

login screen

When you wish to stay logged in for two weeks, or in case you need to retrieve access to your account, you can:

  • Click on the paw print icon to find the login screen to find the login screen.
  • Click the “remember me” box before you login.
  • ECO13.me docs - login screen - refresh the reCAPTCHAOr click “Lost your password?” to request a new one. This can be useful in case you do not manage to login with one of the networks.


If you login through a third party you can ignore the reCAPTCHA.

If you login with a username and password, in contrary, you need to click the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot”.

This is a good way to prevent bots from guessing usernames and passwords, but from time to time Google may ask you to solve a riddle: clicking all images with “something”. This is not always obvious.

In the reCAPTCHA riddle to the right, for example, you see coffee, soup, an empty cup, but no tea… Right?

You then can choose different images by clicking the refresh icon.

Obviously, the easiest and quickest is to avoid reCAPTCHAs by using a third party to login.


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