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The manual is set to provide a conclusive answer to every possible question you may have about WordPress and the website platform. docs - That's how we roll

How we roll aims to be both an awesome website platform and a network that empowers positive change. Freedom, sustainability, diversity and collaboration are the common threads. And since it is a lot of change that we desire, efficiency is a key figure too.

Find out how we roll docs - Getting started

Getting started

Getting started with an site is a piece of cake. New sites are ready for action right off the bat. Still it is recommended to walk through the getting started section. It will help to start off with the right optimisations for your specific needs.

Take your first steps docs - from A to Z

From A to Z

The more you know, the more you will want to know. So, in the third and last part of this manual we will elucidate the setup in great detail.
This, however, will not happen overnight, so please ask free in the question corner.

Go beyond the basics