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At we keep the price for a managed WordPress website as low as it gets. Still we want to provide the best support on the planet. Here is how we do it. support - The best D.I.Y. support on planet EarthSupport can easily make the difference between cheap and expensive hosting. Think of the employee cost, compare it to the price, then you know how little or how much support you may expect. is not an exception. However, we are dedicated to make sure you get the most out of your WordPress website. And since we use only one WordPress installation to power all sites, we can provide support very efficiently, especially compared to regular hosting:

  • We have access to the installation, so when there is a problem with it, it’s our job to solve it and we’ll be very eager to do it with lightspeed: both to keep you happy and because our own sites are on here too.
  • While we cannot provide support for all themes and plugins, we do have good experience and we’ll help where we can. When a plugin or theme author does not provide the necessary support, or when it causes a conflict, we’ll look for a better the best alternative.

times of trouble…

There are two reasons why you may need support. The first is trouble: your site is down or the whole platform is down. It may happen. Obviously we want to know it as soon as possible. For matters that urgent, and, please, only when it is that urgent, you can get in touch:

  • through Skype:
  • by phone: +32 499/232.170
We recommend that you add on Skype right away, because when the server is down, you will not be able to reach this page. When you do, please mention that it is for, else you will be ignored.

DO NOTE: At the time ECO13 is still too small to provide 24/7 support. It has not been necessary yet, but you never know, so it’s one of our goals. You can help us achieve this by spreading the word. Thank you already!

practical questions

The second reason why you may wish support is when something does not work out as you had hoped, or when you have other practical questions:

  • Content on your site seems out of place.
  • You struggle with the settings of your theme.
  • You want to know how to achieve something.
  • You would like to try a plugin or theme that is not yet available.

eco13-efficient-supportThere is not one thing we do not wish to help you with and you need strong imagination to find something website related that is not possible with WordPress. Seriously.

We however do need your help to keep support efficient: awesome yet low budget. Therefore we have 3 golden rules:

  • Always search before you ask.
  • Publish questions in the question corner, when answers may be useful to others.
  • Use the support tickets as last resort and when you need to share private information.

Most questions about WordPress have been answered already. The CMS is richly documented and there are plenty of great WordPress tutorials spread all over the world wide web. So, if you have a WordPress related question, the chance is huge that the answer can be found the quickest with a search.

To increase your search power you can find a link to our custom Google search engine for WordPress related queries in both the site menu and in the WordPress toolbar.

Find WordPress Search in the toolbar, below the logo Find WordPress Search in the site menu

You can use it to search the entire web, yet the search engine assumes you are looking for WordPress related information. So you do not even need to mention it. Moreover, it gives priority to a series of valuable WordPress related resources.

WordPress Search Engine

question & answer

Do not waste too much of your precious time on searching though. When an answer cannot be found easily, it cannot be found easy enough. That is a good reason to put the question corner to good use.


  • Make sure you logged in.
  • in the toolbar: Hover over the logo and click on “question & answer” in the hover menu.
    OR: On the site: Click on the question mark icon in the right sidebar. menu - questions and answers

  • Next…
    1. click on the tab “Ask a Question” in the upper horizontal menu.
    2. Add a title. Make sure it describes your question in a few words.
    3. Add your question in the editor and share as much info as you can, but do not include private information.
    4. Select a fitting category.
    5. And shoot. Q&A - add a question

Ask a Question

last resort

support tickets

When you own, or contribute to an website, you can open a support ticket from within the site’s backend. This can be useful in case you ever need to share private information with the support team. To do so, find “support” below the dashboard menu.

contact page

If you are not a member, or in case you would ever lose access to the website, you can find ways to get in touch on the contact page.

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