is not your typical WordPress platform. It is open to all, yet tailored to the needs of nonprofits and part of an effort to stimulate transition.

be(at) the change That's how we roll!

That's how we is an initiative by ECO13: a startup that aims to stimulate the transition towards a free, fair, fun and future-proof society.

Open source is a great inspiration, values are our guides and the famous Gandhi quote “You must be the change that you want to see in the world,” is how we roll.

why me?
background - be the change ft. Lady started from the aspiration to introduce small and middle sized nonprofits to the unlimited features of the WordPress CMS.  Or better yet:

  • from the knowledge that many positive and innovative, yet small and upstarting initiatives have great potential, but no or terrible websites and no budget to outsource web development.
  • from the consideration that more and better communication by small and middle sized nonprofits brings about positive change to society,
  • and from the discovery that a couple amazing revolutions can help. The first is our famous world wide web, the second is what makes it awesome: open source.

open source
reciprocity to the MAX - free cultureOpen source is copyrighted work, released under an open license, or in the public domain. Anyone is free to use it, to change it, to share it and to build upon it for any purpose. The concept is an awesome inspiration to society: basic needs are met freely, it creates opportunity and true value.

Open licenses already make a great change in IT, science and education. Some famous open projects are the Wikipedia encyclopedia, the FireFox browser and the Linux operating system.

The term ‘open source’ is most commonly used for software, while ‘free cultural work’ feeds the hype in the cultural world. But what’s in a name? It is essentially the same. At ECO13 code is poetry and the internet is a great piece of art: World Heritage.

That said, builds gratefully upon the mountains of work by amazing developers to make it easy for you to do the same. The website platform is powered by a great mixture of open source: from server software, up to the content management system.

free premium
features - free premium: better than does not sell premium features, or themes. Instead you can upgrade to ECO13+ (or above) to get access to all premium features at once. By doing so you support open source development and you help improve the platform. Here is how it goes:

  • We invest EUR 1,00 per account, per month, mostly in premium counterparts of free plugins and themes as a way to both support further development and to add value to
  • Premium counterparts of free plugins and themes become available to all members.
  • Premium add-ons and themes and plugins that are not available for free only become available to sites (and above).
  • Members can request funding for the themes and plugins they desire.

So, the more members, the more creative power all members can unleash.

sharing integrated
profit for nonprofits

Solidarity is a great value. Not necessarily because it feels good, mostly because it makes sense. We are creators. Thus, the more we share, the more there is to share. Solidarity is an efficient way to cooperate. And the more efficiently we join forces, the more boundaries we can push. Open source proofs this loud and clear.

So, ECO13 shares a lot. Or better yet, we invest in a better world. Besides EUR 1,00 per account in open source development, ECO13 also invests 13% profit in innovative and inspiring nonprofit initiatives.

renewable energy
and more to come

The internet, no matter how revolutionary it may be, it is a CO2 bomb, worse than aviation. To be more exact: In 2013 ICT produced about 2% of global CO2 emissions, or 830 million tonnes, and it was expected to double by 2020. That is insane. And it is why ECO13 supports the transition towards a grass green internet. is hosted in the most energy efficient datacentre in the Netherlands. It is powered by 100% renewable energy and cooled reliably and efficiently. And at the office, or what passes for it, ECO13 gets its renewable energy from Ecopower, which is – and has been for many years – the most sustainable energy supplier in Belgium according to Greenpeace.

That is the least we can do. Due to the use of third party services, however, we cannot wash our hands entirely clean yet. At the time we do not know what energy they use.

d.i.y. support
with excellence

eco13-efficient-supportSupport can easily make the difference between cheap and expensive hosting. Think of the employee cost, compare it to the price, then you know how little support you may expect.

Still we want to provide an awesome managed WordPress solution and the best support on the planet at a price that is neglectable. We cannot do it alone, but we are confident that we can do it together. Here is how you can help:

  • Always search before you ask.
  • Publish questions publicly in the question corner, when answers may be useful to others.
  • Do not hesitate to provide answers. One who gets help, learns to help. And if we all help a little, we help a lot.

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low budget
cheaper than speech is open to all, yet most specifically aims to be perfect for nonprofts. Obviously this means we walk great lengths to keep the price low. Mostly, however, we focus on maximising return. We add value, up to where the price becomes neglectable.

Besides providing you with an awesome website platform, you are…

free to monetise

You are free to monetise your website.

  • You can add advertising.
  • You have tools for fundraising and to craft a webshop.
  • You can sell premium content.
  • And so on.

There is only little that you cannot do. The only requirement is that you keep it fair.

free to try

  • Currently, during beta, you can become a beta tester and try it out until launch (at least 130 days).
  • After launch you can try for 30 days.
  • You can export your content and import it to any other WordPress website, possibly also to other systems.
  • You can leave whenever you choose.