Craft amazing websites with ease is a top notch, carefree, SEO friendly, feature rich, powerful, sustainable and affordable website solution with a revolutionary twist. is a fun, fair, future proof and feature rich website platform dedicated to enable anyone to craft amazing websites with ease.


At you have no worries about hosting, security, or anything. You can focus fully on your content and on the look and feel of your website.

easy as pie is proudly powered by the number one CMS: WordPress. You can turn your website into anything you can imagine… and more.

Why WordPress?

At you can use any well coded WordPress theme. Many awesome themes are already available, any other can be added upon request.

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Mayor threads running through are freedom and reciprocity. This starts with open source and it can be felt all along the line.

100% open source is a sustainable website platform: hosted in a highly energy efficient datacentre and powered by 100% renewable energy.

100% renewable is open to all, yet tailored most specifically to the needs of nonprofits. And we invest 13% profit in innovative nonprofit initiatives.

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At you do not even need a domain. Websites are created in subdomains. Yet you can connect your own domain easily and freely.

– to be continued – sites are behind multiple layers of security. Moreover, you can get full SSL for free, even when you use your own domain.

– to be continued –

WordPress is richly documented, yet can be overwhelming when you get started. At efficient support is always just around the corner.

How we help is still beta: fully functional, yet mostly untested. You can try it out for free and report bugs and room for improvement.

– to be continued –

image based on a photo by Luc Viatour,, CC BY SA